Information about EEOC

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a federal agency, is entrusted with the responsibility of enforcement of the laws that are related to eliminating discrimination at the workplace. The EEOC is responsible for the investigation of charges of discrimination and makes attempts with the employers to settle such cases if the charges are proved to be correct. If the employer refuses for a settlement, the EEOC may in certain cases on behalf of the individual who has suffered workplace discrimination file a lawsuit against the employer.
EEOC enforces laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, religion, color, gender or national origin. In addition, EEOC also enforces laws related to equal pay and ensures that individuals with disabilities get equal access to employment. Based on these laws, employers are prohibited from discrimination of any sort as listed above in any stage of employment, right from hiring to promotions and terminations.

What type of data does EEOC collect?

The EEOC collects data regarding the workforce from the employers with more than 100 employees, and in case of federal contractors this threshold is lower than 100. Providing the requisite information for the surveys is a mandatory obligation of the employers. The data thus collected is used by EEOC for different purposes that include enforcement, self-assessment by employers and research. The data collected is in the form of gender, race/ethnicity of the employees and job category. While the information that is submitted is kept confidential, aggregated data of such surveys is available in the public domain.

What is the deadline to submit EEO-1 this year?

As a part of this process, employers who meet the above-mentioned thresholds must submit their EEO-1 reports annually to EEOC. Typically, the deadline for the submission of the EEO-1 survey is March 31. However, this year the deadline has been extended to May 31, 2019, due to the partial government shutdown earlier this year. The detailed instructions as per the EEOC for filling up the EEO-1 survey are available here. .

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